Kenan Khazendar - Without You EP artwork

Kenan Khazendar: Without You EP

A bit of light jazz-inflected pop, “about the joys and trials of love”, why not. The Without You EP is Kenan Khazendar‘s debut, released in April and available to stream for free, to download for £3 or in limited edition CD format – available at Oxford’s Truck Store – for £4.

  • Cannot

    Is this a joke? Seriously is this shit a joke? Elevator music is better than this. It’s hard to make music more meaningless or bland. There are buskers on Cornmarket St., putting their inflection on Bowie covers that are more artistically developed than this utter, utter crap. Please guys – Become Mortgage Advisers, or Quantity Surveyors. This is tedious wank.

  • Simon Minter

    There’s constructive criticism, and there’s unnecessary abuse…

  • k man

    I prefer the music to your bilious commenting style.