Alphabet Backwards - 'Fingertips' / 'Indian Summer' artwork

Alphabet Backwards: ‘Fingertips’ / ‘Indian Summer’ (videos)

Pop types Alphabet Backwards haven’t been around for a little while, and it’s a pleasure to welcome them back. ‘Indian Summer’, one of two tracks recently released, is a nicely low-key reintroduction to society for the melodic scamps.

The band describes what’s been going on lately: “It’s been two years since our debut album Little Victories was released, and during that time the majority of us have seen more hospital walls than we would like to in the next two, that’s for sure. We have also acquired ourselves a Japanese covers band in that time as well mind so not all bad. But, with health restored and a barn in Devon located, where the owners allow us to turn up and make as much noise as we want, we spend a few days there every three or four months and record. It is our aim to write, record and release three times in the next year.

Here’s ‘Indian Summer’ and, below, the virtual flipside of this double A-side single, the more familiar, perky and hand-clappy ‘Fingertips':