Go On Do It Jump - January I and II artwork

Go On Do It Jump: January I / January II

With impressive levels of productivity and organisation, Go On Do It Jump have today released not one, but two new EPs.

The aptly-titled January I and January II each contain a very tidy four songs, and they can be streamed for free on Bandcamp – listen below – or purchased to download for the very specific price of £3.16 each.

The EPs aren’t two sides of the band’s stylistic output, or two themed mini-concepts; rather, they comprise an eight-song overview of a pretty darned impressive noisy guitar pop band. There’s energy and drive in these songs, with mainstream-tweaking, fuzzy guitar melodies and high-mixed vocals lending a powerful and modern shape to the sound. January II very slightly edges forward in terms of coherent, hook-laden tune construction, but the best approach would be to listen to all eight songs in one sitting.