BBC Introducing in Oxford

BBC Introducing in Oxford 03/01/2015 show details – Best tracks of 2014

This weekend’s BBC Introducing in Oxford show is a right old humdinger, as they’ve set aside the time to play the best tracks of 2014, as voted for by Nightshift magazine.

Here’s some information on the show. It went out live at 8.00 pm on 3 January, and you can listen to it for the next month at the BBC website. Here’s the show’s page on the BBC website.


  • The Relationships: Self-Esteem Flying Machine
  • Salvation Bill: ‘Dead Dog’
  • Adam Barnes: ‘Green’
  • Girl Power: ‘Consumers’
  • Kid Kin: ‘Shogun Giant’
  • Flights Of Helios: ‘Succubus’
  • Ags Connolly: ‘Trusty Companion’
  • Liu Bei: ‘Infatuation’
  • Balloon Ascents: ‘Cutout’
  • Vienna Ditto: ‘Feeling Good’
  • Jess Hall: ‘Sea Song’
  • Spring Offensive: ‘Hengelo’
  • Maiians: ‘Lemon’
  • Glass Animals: ‘Gooey’