D. Gwalia - The Iodine Trade artwork

D. Gwalia: The Iodine Trade

It’s a good start to a week when a new album from D. Gwalia can be announced, and so… this week can be declared a week with a good start.

The Iodine Trade was released on 20 November, following 2010’s In Puget Sound (read our review of that here). Twelve tracks of extraordinarily good, spectral sound experiment are given just enough melodic beauty to yet again confirm D. Gwalia as a unique talent.

The guitar and vocal on penultimate track ‘Darling Where’s My Nuclear War?’ was recorded at Soundworks Studios, Oxford, by David Norland, who recently passed away. The track has been dedicated to his memory.

The album is available to stream for free – listen below – and to download for only £4.99 (or more, if you’re a generous type).