BBC Introducing in Oxford

BBC Introducing in Oxford 15/11/2014 show details – AUDIOSCOPE14 report and more

Wrap your lugholes around this: it’s this weekend’s BBC Introducing in Oxford show. Solid Gold Top Stuff.

Here’s the full track listing for the show. It went out live at 8.00 pm on 15 November, and you can listen to it for the next month at the BBC website. Here’s the show’s page on the BBC website.

Cameron A G — ‘Save It For The Winter’
Indica Blues — ‘Chrome’
Lewis Watson — ‘Holding On’
Spring Offensive — ‘Hengelo’
Jessica Law interview
Jessica Law — ‘The Mermaid’s Revenge’
Zuby — ‘Goonie Flow’
Foals — ‘Astronauts’n’All’
Miriam Jones — ‘Train’
Stornoway — ‘Here Comes The Blackout’
Das Sexy Clap — ‘Wear It’
Waltz In The Shallow End — ‘Strawberry Laces’