BBC Introducing in Oxford

BBC Introducing in Oxford 06/09/2014 show details – Balloon Ascents interview and more

If this weekend’s edition of the BBC Introducing in Oxford radio show was a search engine, it’d be, like, Oxford Music Google. OXFMOOGLE. You’d type in ‘I want to hear some of the best recent Oxford music’ and it’d provide it. It’s not that, though. It’s a radio show. So it won’t steal your data and sell it to the Government.

Here’s the full track listing for the show. It went out live at 8.00 pm on 6 September, and you can listen to it for the next month at the BBC website. Here’s the show’s page on the BBC website.

Ella Martini — ‘Sorry’
The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band — ‘Old Man Mose’
Stornoway — ‘November Song’ (live at the Sheldonian theatre, 2009)
Tamara And The Martyrs — ‘Come Get Me’
Demo reviews with Tamara Parsons-Baker, featuring Zoe Mace, Jim Lone, Mara del Aire
Mara del Aire — ‘The Bodleian Love Song’
Great Skies — ‘Be Yours’ (featuring Jordan James)
BunkFest report
Balloon Ascents interview
Balloon Ascents — ‘Aberration’
The Balkan Wanderers — ‘Cairo’
Dan McKean — ‘At The Close Of The Day’