Loud Mountains image

Loud Mountains: Innocent

It seems like only five minutes have passed since Empty White Circles popped up on the scene, quickly grabbing a lot of attention and positive reactions to their Americana-tinged indie rock. So it shouldn’t take too long to get used to their new name – Loud Mountains – and their forthcoming EP is something to look forward to.

Here’s a video for ‘Innocent’, a track from the EP, released in advance of its release. The track continues in a similar fashion to Empty White Circles; it’s a positive-sounding fuzzy guitar ball of melody that somewhat switches out the Americana-isms of EWC for the song-driven chops of mid-90s US indie rock like Built To Spill and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Find out more about Loud Mountains at their website or their Facebook page. News on their website includes both vertebrae problems and unprovoked assaults leading to broken cheekbones and jaws – so here’s hoping they can stay fit and well from now on… Here’s the video: