Bambino Dell'oro artwork

Bambino Dell’oro: Bambino Dell’oro

Released in June this year, this is the eponymous debut album from Bambino Dell’oro, an Oxford-based duo who pull in additional members for a bit o’sax or bass when the time is right. The album was released at the Tandem Festival, the brainchild of Nicholas O’Brien, who along with Evan McGregor comprise Bambino Dell’oro.

It’s an album full of lush, wordless, experimental jazz-inflected melody pieces, created with rich instrumentation including piano, guitar, melodica, glockenspiel, saxophone and more. The sonic palette, and a light-touch feel of optimism and playfulness that skips across the album’s twelve tracks, is reminiscent of Penguin Cafe Orchestra; the sharp production and occasional electronic touches, squiggles and surprises display the inventiveness and control of Four Tet.

Bambino Dell’oro is a fascinating listen, and one that’s unique enough to stand out, while being well-enough put together to feel comfortable and approachable. Available to stream for free online, it can also be purchased as a download or as a real, no-foolin’ CD album.

Find out more at the Bambino Dell’oro website.