Salvation Bill - FML artwork

Salvation Bill: FML

Always one to turn expectations on their head, the pop-folk-blues-I-don’t-know-how-to-categorise-this-really Salvation Bill releases a new single on 28 July.

‘FML’ does not stand for the expletive-containing phrase that you might think, but instead for ‘Feel My Lump’. Backed by ‘Tony Blair Extraordinaire’, it will be available as a digital download, and also in CD format. The latter will also be available in a special edition including a limited edition print by Theo Peters, who created the cover artwork for the single.

It’s the first release from Oxford promotions/events people Idiot King, who have put together a video trailer for the single – see below. ‘FML’ is really rather excellent, taking the familiar Salvation Bill guitar-and-voice-and-sarcasm mix and applying an extra layer of production stuff that includes electronics and loops. ‘Tony Blair Extraordinaire’ keeps things stripped back, with a smattering of strings to top off a somewhat charming song.

‘FML’ is released with a gig at Quarterhorse Coffee, at which copies of the CD will be available. It’s free, and it kicks off at 6.00 pm on Monday 28 July.