Tiger Mendoza - TMCD5RMX artwork

Tiger Mendoza: TMCD5RMX

Ever the remixer – they recently featured on a Public Enemy release with their reworking of ‘Get Up Stand Up’ – Tiger Mendoza have released a new EP containing eight remixes of tracks from Monsters & Miracles, their previous EP.

The collection includes mixes by not only Tiger Mendoza but also Unit27, Death Of Hifi, Half Decent and more, and it’s available for free:

To maintain the pay-it-forward spirit of remixing, Tiger Mendoza have also made available stems for their of their tracks, so that anybody and everybody can play with them to their heart’s content. They’re available on the Tiger Mendoza website.

Finally, there will be another new release out around October; an EP called Along Dangerous Roads which is the result of collaborations with Dave Griffiths of eeebleee and Witches. More news on that soon…