Music For A Good Home 3 and Music For A Good Home: Oxford Edition covers

New Audioscope albums released today to raise money for Shelter

Audioscope, who have been running festivals and gigs in Oxford since 2001, and who have previously released a number of compilation albums, today release two new download compilations. Profit raised through sales of the albums, as with everything that Audioscope do, will be donated to national homelessness charity Shelter.

There are two albums: Music For A Good Home 3 brings together tracks from some of the biggest names in the international alternative music scene, and Music For A Good Home: Oxford Edition features contributions from a selection of the best and brightest in the current Oxford scene.

Music For A Good Home 3 is available to buy for £7 from Bandcamp, and can be bought for £4, also from Bandcamp. These are both minimum prices, so the kind-hearted amongst you can pay more if you like!

The track listings for the two albums are as follows. All tracks across both albums are either exclusive or previously deleted/very hard to find:

Music For A Good Home 3

  • Amon Tobin: ‘Madam Larivee’
  • John Parish: ‘That Car’
  • Future Of The Left: ‘Home Taping Is Killing Susan’
  • Grumbling Fur: ‘Bogwalker’
  • Seefeel: ‘Ever Me’ (demo)
  • Esben And The Witch: ‘Strangers An A Sunless Valley’
  • Pye Corner Audio: ‘Tension’
  • Dirty Beaches: ‘Diaspora’
  • Metz: ‘Leave Me Out’
  • The Fauns: ‘7 Hours’ (Lost Bass demo mix)
  • Eluvium: ‘Cognition Interlace’
  • Tall Firs: ‘Shovel Handle’
  • Fixers: ‘I Think This City Needs A Beach (We Need A Wasteland)’
  • The Flowers Of Hell: ‘Heiligen’
  • Belbury Poly: ‘The Glomp’
  • Dave Heumann (Arbouretum): ‘Willi O’Winsbury’
  • Barn Owl: ‘Silvertraces’
  • Danny Paul Grody: ‘Hidden Valley’
  • Thought Forms: ‘Without Son’
  • Wolf People: ‘Kitchen’
  • Karhide: ‘Give Shelter’
  • Salvation Bill: ‘Blackwood’
  • Land Observations: ‘Via Cassia’
  • Chrome Hoof: ‘When The Lightning Strikes’ (extended version)
  • Melodien: ‘Rayograph #469′
  • Spring Offensive: ‘Synapse To Synapse’
  • Walls: ‘Touch And Vision’
  • Six By Seven: ‘Breakdown’
  • Xiu Xiu: ‘Paper Mario’
  • Epic45: ‘Weathering’ (Bracken remix)
  • Magik Markers: ‘Detail Of Judith With The Head Of Holofernes’

Music For A Good Home: Oxford Edition

  • Toliesel: ‘Brothers’
  • Kid Kin: ‘Frippery The Villain’
  • Undersmile: ‘Killer Bob’
  • Jess Hall: ‘Sail Home’
  • The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band: ‘Eynsham Witches’ (live)
  • Reichenbach Falls: ‘The Best I Could’
  • Hot Hooves: ‘Limp Home Mode’
  • Jordan O’Shea: ‘These Songs Are About You, They’re Not For You’
  • LR/GW: ‘Heaven’s Silver Shadow’
  • The Scholars: ‘False Start’
  • ArtClassSink: ‘Cry For Help’
  • Coma Wall: ‘You Are My Death’
  • Listing Ships: ‘Trace Inverter’ (Karhide Wolves remix)
  • Opened Space: ‘The Clearing’
  • Spinner Fall: ‘By Numbers’
  • Tamara And The Martyrs: ‘Real Bad Lover’
  • Agness Pike: ‘Boing Boing Boing’
  • D. Gwalia: ‘Illuminations’
  • We Aeronauts: ‘Cope’

Buy Music For A Good Home 3 here.

Buy Music For A Good Home: Oxford Edition here.

You can find more information about Audioscope here, and more information about Shelter here.