BBC Introducing in Oxford

BBC Introducing in Oxford 24/05/2014 show details – Pixel Fix interview / session and more

What ho, people of the world! Herewith are the most exciting details of this week’s BBC Introducing in Oxford radio show. It’s a bustin’-at-the-seams cavalcade of music this week; how do they fit it all in? I dunno. But they do. They’re clever like that.

Here’s the full track listing for the show. It went out live at 8.00 pm on 24 May, and you can listen to it for the next month at the BBC website. Here’s the show’s page on the BBC website.

Wardens — ‘Middle Ground’
Adam Barnes — ‘Green’
The Scholars — ‘False Start’
Spring Offensive — ‘Bodylifting’
Pixel Fix — ‘Fool’
Pixel Fix interview
Pixel Fix — ‘Lungs’ (live acoustic session)
Espielle — ‘Lullaby’ (featuring Bella Phillips)
Cassels — ‘We Wander In The Night’
Artspit report
Chukie — ‘Somnus’ (featuring Mary James)
Reuben’s Rocket — ‘Promising’ (live at Upstairs Oxford)
Black Hats – ‘Photographs’