Coma Wall

Coma Wall: ‘Summer’ (video)

Released yesterday, here’s a suitably sun-bleached and mysterious video to accompany Coma Wall‘s glorious acousto-drone song, ‘Summer':


‘Summer’ features on the Undersmile/Coma Wall split 12″ released a little while back by Shaman Recordings. More about that here.

Undersmile are, in case you didn’t know, the same band as Coma Wall, albeit their darker, noisier, doom-ier alter egos. They play The Wheatsheaf in Oxford on 25 March (with Beehoover and Caravan Of Whores) and The Cellar in Oxford on 29 April (with Girl Power). They’ve also participated in a multi-band cover of the whole of Black Sabbath’s Master Of Reality, which is available to stream online for free: