Lee Riley in the BBC Introducing in Oxford studio

BBC Introducing in Oxford 23/11/2013 show details – Lee Riley interview and more

It’s a good job people make music, and that a lot of people making music are in Oxfordshire, otherwise there wouldn’t be much to put into the weekly BBC Introducing in Oxford show. Here are the details of this weekend’s edition, with the work of a lot of those people for your listening pleasure. It’s a good job there are a lot of people in Oxfordshire who like listening to the music made by people of Oxfordshire.

Here’s the full track listing for the show. You can grab the podcast from 8.00 pm on Saturday 23 November at the BBC website.

Vienna Ditto — ‘By Way Of Apology’
Bright Works — ‘Houses’
Jasmine Hill — ‘Cupid’s Screw Up’
New Desert Blues — ‘Matthew’
Lee Riley interview
Lee Riley Guitar Works — ‘Deeper Steps Into The New Path’
Cassels — ‘Seasick’
Gig guide
The Knights Of Mentis — ‘Red Boards’
Tiger Mendoza — ‘Punch Bag’ (featuring Half Decent)