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SoundCloud RoundUp for 4 August 2013

Hello boys and girls. Yes it’s time to delve into the Music In Oxford SoundCloud group again and select few recent submissions for your aural delectation.

Vienna Ditto: ‘(Doncha Go Picking Those) Flowers’ (lost demo)

I’m not sure how or why this demo was lost but glad they found it again. Ignore the pause at the beginning.

The Trophy Cabinet: ‘High Stakes’

“…[a] more level-headed Wedding Present. Chiming guitars, literate understated lyrics…” say promoters Gappy Tooth. Can’t really argue with that.

The Neon Violets: ‘Burning Sky’ (demo)

Gothic psychedelic droning. Like Pink Floyd meets The Jesus And Mary Chain. The lo-fi demo-ness actually works in the track’s favour and gives an inkling of the band’s live experience.

Paul Brennan: ‘Drunken Stroll’

Paul’s a regular contributor and this is probably my favourite of the tracks that he’s submitted so far. At just over six minutes it’s not short, but the build-up works well.

The Big Sun: ‘Got It Wrong’ (demo)

Not sure what it is with all of the demo submissions at the mo, but this piece jangly summery pop with squelchy synths fits in well with the mid-summer sunshine.

Abnormal Projection: ‘Standing On Thin Ice’

Obligatory electro/dubstep track for this week. The switching between the jazz shuffle, house and dubstep beats is well done but slightly frustrating. I personally would love to hear a version which used the break all the way through, and built it up, Cinematic Orchestra-style. But then it’s not my track, so I’ll shut up now.

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