BBC Introducing in Oxford

BBC Introducing in Oxford 06/04/2013 show details – BG Records / Ashton Curtis interviews and more

Keep yer drawers on love, and smack yer laughing gear around this week’s BBC Introducing in Oxford show. It’s a reet varied selection of genres and styles this week, and the team have even had the wherewithal to chuck a couple of interesting and illuminating interviews in there, too. Brap! Brap! It’s all up in yo’area this weekend. Innit.

Here’s the full track listing for the show. You can listen to it from 8.00 pm on Saturday 6 April, and it’s repeated at 9.00 pm on Sunday 7 April, at BBC Oxford.

Lynne Butler — ‘The Pros And Cons Of Being Single’
The Scholars — ‘Spooks’
Bear Trap — ‘Growing Pains’
Death Of Hifi — ‘Gods Save Us’ (featuring N-Zyme)
BG Records interview
Chukie — ‘Exorcising’
Music news
Listing Ships — ‘Tabla Acid Aria’ (Mender remix)
Ashton Curtis interview
Ashton Curtis — ‘Aeroplane’
TryTryDieDown — ‘Tuff Guy’
Shadow Of The Beast — ‘Lord Of The Rings Metal Medley’