Meursault remix image

Monthly charity remix project from Sebastian Reynolds

Sebastian Reynolds, currently part of both Flights Of Helios and The Epstein, was also once part of electronica cabaret gonzos The Evenings and a founding member of Keyboard Choir, the latter of whom once revelled in the dubious honour of being Drowned In Sound’s album of the month for their superb Mizen Head To Gascanane Sound.

Reynolds, who also runs the Pindrop Publicity PR and events company and works as a producer and session musician, is launching a monthly remix project. One remix a month, of work from a variety of artists from both Oxford and beyond, will be released through Bandcamp, with proceeds from downloads each month going to a different charity.

Things kick off this month with Reynolds’ remix of the Edinburgh band Meursault – turning the original seven-minute opus ‘Dearly Distracted’ into a three-minute reinterpretation. Reynolds says of the remix: “Where once [chief songwriter] Neil Pennycock’s voice took centre stage, here it drowns in ambient waves, collapsing in on each other as I pull apart the many layers of instrumentation and create a slowly unfolding tapestry of haunting pianos, yearning violins and time stretched guitar drones.”

Here’s the remix – if you’re able to make a donation to download it, do so, as this month’s chosen charity is the very worthwhile Helen & Douglas House.

  • gappy

    Intriguing. You can see Seb as part of Flights of Helios at this month’s GTI, on Saturday 26/1/13 at the Wheatsheaf.