BBC Introducing in Oxford

BBC Introducing in Oxford, 08/07/2012 show details – Aurora J Young / Matt Sage interviews and more

They don’t ‘alf know how to pack in the content to each week’s BBC Introducing in Oxford show. Just typing out the details for this week – which are below – makes one realise what a funtabulous show this one is (like all of the others are too, of course), with a couple of interviews, exclusive acoustic session recordings, remixes, live tracks, all kinds o’ stuff. Enjoy…

Here’s the full track listing for the show. You can listen to it from 9.00 pm on Sunday 8 July at BBC Oxford.

Mr Shaodow — ‘BullSpit’ (featuring Lady Marga & MCDT)
Spring Offensive — ‘Worry Fill My Heart’
Aurora J Young interview
Aurora J Young — ‘Charmer’ (live at Cornbury Festival)
Eat.Love. Sing! — ‘American Hero’
Music news
Manacles Of Acid — ‘Ocean Drift’ (Dan Shoebridge remix)
Matt Winkworth — ‘Elixir Of Youth’
Matt Sage interview
Matt Sage — ‘Don’t Let The World Go By’ (live acoustic session)
Fide — ‘Italy’
The Half Rabbits — ‘Gasoline’
Gig guide
The Grinding Young — ‘Lately I’ve Been Seeing Stars’