Grey Children - Doctor Doctor artwork

New Grey Children album featuring all kinds of local contributors

Grey Children is the project of David Griffiths, who after many years’ tenure in bands like eeebleee and Witches decided to eschew the normal machinations of the music industry and create his own music on his own terms. That means self-publishing not only his music but also working on writing, animation and film activities. As Griffiths says on the Grey Children website:

“Ten years in bands taught me that musicians signed to labels, and writers signed to publishers, and everything was distributed by huge corporations. Now these industries are either dead or dying, and I couldn’t be happier. Finally, we live in a world where people can make, write, sing, do (and eat), and others can find out about it without the need for these crumbling dinosaurs.”

Doctor, Doctor, the new Grey Children album just released, is an eleven-track collection that includes contributions from Little Fish, Tamara Parsons-Baker, Witches, The Evenings, Francis Pugh & The Whiskey Singers and T.Rextasy. The album is being offered to stream for free through the Grey Children website, alongside a variety of Griffiths’ other work including previous Grey Children releases.

The whole project is also designed to raise awareness of Pure-O, a little-known form of OCD – the Grey Children website includes lots of resources and information about the condition.