Free ‘British Explorer EP’ remixes from Alphabet Backwards

The cheeky, charming, charitable Alphabet Backwards band released their most recent record, ‘British Explorer EP’, a little while ago. It’s available, along with many of their other releases, from iTunes, and is well worth your attention if you like well-crafted and spritely indie-pop music.

The band have also compiled and released a set of remixes of tracks from the EP, which is being offered free of charge through SoundCloud. It includes the following reworkings of tracks by other Oxford musicians (as well as non-Oxford musicians, but, y’know, they’re not so important):

  • Big Top (Princess Superstar remix)
  • Tonight (Rainbow Connection remix)
  • Taller (Piney Gir remix)
  • Big Top (TeamABC remix)
  • Tonight (The Old Grinding Young remix)
  • Taller (Coloureds remix)
  • Big Top (Grudle Bay remix)
  • Big Top (Wiggle Baron remix)

Not sure what a ‘Wiggle Baron’ is, but we like the sound of it. You can listen to the remixes here, and visit Alphabet Backwards’ website here.