The Loft Sessions pic

New ‘Loft Sessions’ series from Tamara Parsons-Baker

Tamara Parsons-Baker, of Tamara And The Martyrs and, er, Tamara Parsons-Baker (her cunning solo artist name), is an industrious type. Having recently set up the first ‘All Tamara’s Parties’ at the East Oxford Community Centre, featuring ToLiesel, The Old Grinding Young and more, she’s just launched her ‘Loft Sessions’ series.

The deal is this: local musicians pop up to Tamara’s loft, play some music with her in front of a tiny little audience, and the event is filmed for posterity. The first one was recently completed, and saw T P-B (it’s quicker to type out that way) join Mark Cope – of The Candyskins and Nine Stone Cowboy – duetting on the song ‘Lemonade’. Here’s the video, filmed by Adam Pelling-Deeves and Henry Stead:

There’ll be a second song from the session available next week, and the next session will take place in a couple of months’ time, very probably featuring Ollie Thomas from The Old Grinding Young. Latest updates and noo shizzle regularly at Tamara Parsons-Baker’s blog.