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BBC Introducing in Oxford, 29/04/2012 show details – Empty White Circles / Sonic Rising / Jess Hall interviews and more

It’s a double-dip-recession-bustin’ edition of the BBC Introducing in Oxford show this week, as it’s packed full of all kinds of interviews, reports, news and, of course, local music. It makes fiscal sense to listen to the show, as it’s free! Now that, as they say, is good value for money. Hurrah for free things!

Here’s the full track listing for the show. You can listen to it from 9.00 pm on Sunday 29 April at BBC Oxford.

Kill Murray — ‘Detroit’
The Long Insiders — ‘Man Trap’
Empty White Circles / Sonic Rising interview
Lion — ‘Lion Share’
The Old Grinding Young — ‘King Canoe’
Music news
Braindead Collective — ‘The Whites Of Our Eyes’
Jasmine Hill — ‘Sticks & Stones’
Jess Hall interview
Record Store Day report
Gig guide
The Epstein — ‘I Held You Once’