Kitten in its winter clothing

December’s full of winter bigguns (gigs, that is)

December 17, 18 and 19 could be the busiest three days of your gig-going year, if you want them to be. There are two cor what a biggun-scale events planned by the friendly fellows at both Gappy Tooth Industries and Quickfix Recordings.

Gappy Tooth have their annual ‘Winter Warmer’ event all lined up, presenting, as they have done for the past few years, a vast cross-section of Oxford music in a couple of venues. What that means is…

The Wheatsheaf, Oxford, 17 December, 8.00 pm-12.00 am, £5
The Yarns
A Scholar & A Physician
Tiger Mendoza
The Workhouse
Spring Offensive

Cafe Tarifa, Oxford, 18 December, 12.00 pm-7.30 pm, free
Midnight Boatman
Trev Williams
Jess Hall
King Of Cats
Matt Winkworth
Marc Nash
James Bell
Samuel Zasada
Prohibition Smokers Club

The Wheatsheaf, Oxford, 18 December, 8.00 pm-12.00 am, £5
Secret Rivals
Deer Chicago
Dial F For Frankenstein

Cafe Tarifa, Oxford, 19 December, 12.00 pm-7.30 pm, free
Helen Pearson
Ross Bennett
Dan Holloway
Ally Craig
D Gwalia
George Chopping
Anton Barbeau
Braindead Collective

If you find yourself Witneywards on 19 December, you could avail yourself of the Quickfix Recordings ‘Merry Quickfix-mas’ musical smorgasbord, with…

Fat Lil’s, Witney, 19 December, 12.00 pm-1.00 am, £5
Andrew Douglas
Tommy Guns
Ursa Minor
Billy Ray Cypher
Bethany Weimers
Samuel Zasada
Prohibition Smokers Club
Ways Across
Player 2
Deer Chicago
Desert Storm
Supafunk 4
Half Decent

Phew-wee. If you’re not knackered out after a hard year, those three days should do for you pretty comprehensively. What a way to reduce yourself to a tired, gibbering fool, though. Find out more about the events and bands, and buy tickets, from Gappy Tooth Industries and Quickfix Recordings.

  • gappy

    You could do our gig on Sunday 19th and then jump on the bus and see the last five hours of the Quickfix event, if you’re a nutter!

  • Jay

    Are these listings in running order (Are The Yarns and Secret Rivals the last bands on?)


  • simonminter

    They’re in reverse order – earliest first.

  • Jay

    Ta Secret Rivals first ever gig was at the Winter Warmer 08 so itll be like a home coming heh.

    looking forward to it!

  • gappy

    “They’re in reverse order – earliest first.”

    Well, that’s not reverse order then, is it, Minty?

    You could say they’re in order of appearance, I suppose – I don’t really hold with the idea of “headliners” on a line up like this.

  • gappy

    There shall be a page with links and all that guff very soon at

    For now you can take a peek at VisageVolume:!/event.php?eid=122677394460600